Breakups! :(

BREAK ups suck. But there is one way to make them
easier. Send a text. That’s what all the super brave
boyfriends and girlfriends are doing.
No one wants to deal with all that screaming from the
street, or the sobbing and begging and emotional pleas
of “just one more chance”. That stuff is just annoying.
This break-up tactic may lead to 5000 follow-up drunk
text messages, but hopefully you will avoid the stealing
of pet cats and burning of property. It’s a win-win


When in a Relationship

Wonder what am gonna write tonight but anyway here goes nothing. When you start a relationship and everything works fine at first but later on its like one person is pulling back or maybe it seems he/she isn’t interested in you anymore, well the best thing to do in a situation like this is first PRAY, then have a talk with the person, pour out your mind to the person telling him/her how you feel, if at all it wasn’t intentional the person will tell you what’s going on, but if no valuable reason is provided, well I guess its time to pack your bags 😦 cause you can’t keep staying in a relationship were you are not getting any vibe from the other person. Please remember if you are in a relationship COMMUNICATE, don’t lie, and please for God’s sake don’t cheat on your partner….Have a lovely week… 😀


When women talk about their “Mr perfect” you start to imagine things…..but have they ever sat down to think about what the guys think, do we have our “Miss Perfect”? Well the answer is, we do….we all have what we expect when we see that girl, or when you see the girl you just know this is the “Miss Perfect” you have been picturing in your mind. She will have the perfect Eyes, the Perfect smile, the perfect complexion, the perfect set of teeth, but going more than just physical appearance, she will have the perfect character, and also when you introduce her to people, they will compliment you on the GEM you have found…But o well someone once said “The creator made Girls for a pleasure to the eyes but a trouble to the mind” or something like that though

Relationships, Communication?

In every relationship that will occur or take place, for that relationship to be solid COMMUNICATION must take place regularly if not, it doesn’t matter the amount of love one person has for the other, that relationship will fail if not immediately but gradually. If, one person is the one always trying to reach out to the other, the person will get tired of trying eventually and give up….so all I have to say is COMMUNICATE no matter what nd don’t quit fighting for the other until you have nothing left to fight for….

soft patter

A walk with my camera

On Sunday mornings, I set my alarm to go off early in the morning… and then another one for backup… and yet another one… and still yet another one.  Somehow none of them work on cool rainy Sunday mornings.  Not one.  Nada.

So what to do on a rainy Sunday morning?  Hold the umbrella.

This place has become one of my go-to places.  I guess I am naturally drawn to water – the rain from above and the sea down below.  There is a sense of calm.

The pattering rain has to stop sometime….

…to take heed of this little dancer’s performance to an empty audience

…and to this couple’s emotionally charged rhythmic maneuvers.

It was time to go – for me and the carnival.  The champ already had his time.

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Change of Climate on the Right

Of Particular Significance

There is no room for politics when we are playing for keeps. So say four Republicans, who served four Republican presidents as heads of the Evironmental Protection Agency.  The climate is changing in Washington D.C., though still more slowly than in the Arctic.

My own view? Our uncontrolled experiments on our one and only planet must be curbed.  Scientific evidence from many quarters show definitively that the Earth is warming.  Science can give us arguments, strong but not airtight, that we may be responsible (mainly via carbon emissions, and the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide).  It cannot tell us reliably how bad the risks of a warmer Earth will be; there are too many uncertainties.  But it seems to me that these are risks we shouldn’t be taking, period.  We don’t get to mail-order another planet if we mess this one up.

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