A Second Higgs Particle?

Of Particular Significance

It is well-known in science that if the title of a post or paper begins with a question, the answer is always “NO”, or at best, “probably not”.  Today we’re working with “very probably not”.

Yes, we’ve found one type of Higgs particle, but there might be two, three, or even more types of Higgs particles in nature.  Such particles might well be discovered eventually at the Large Hadron Collider [LHC] or at future experiments hardly dreamt of today.  But at present, there’s no evidence yet for a second Higgs particle.  And all the hullabaloo we’re hearing right now is about old news, reprocessed into new news, which actually wasn’t news anyway and really isn’t now either.

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One thought on “A Second Higgs Particle?

  1. A second Higgs should be the base for an anti-symmetric oscillating vacuum frame of one type of Higgs with different energies in different directions of space able to DRAG THE LIGHTSPEED around massive objects like the earth through in space. SO a new Michelaon and Morley experiment?

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