Let’s talk about you and me…. let’s talk about sex

Letting it out...

let’s talk about sex


This week started as any other but after last weeks submislets-talk-about-sex - Copysion on my blog I got quite the feedback. (more then I was thinking) So it is a new month and we are half way through already. Just another six months to go. Time flies when you are having fun. So did the weekend and was that fun….

The song Let’s talk about sex from Salt’n’pepa was a big hit and well got stuck in my head for some time now after watching Pitch perfect. (Great movie)


♪Let’s talk about sex, baby♫
♪Let’s talk about you and me♫
♪Let’s talk about all the good things♫
♪And the bad things that may be♫
♪Let’s talk about sex♫

And after the whole blog post last week. It made the group kind of more informant then usual.1686148878_1358589286 - Copy

So the sit down dinner became snacks and drinks…

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