the begining of “how i fell in love”

Every time I always feel so sad and alone, so I decided to start taking myself back to that one moment in my life where everything was perfect…..

This was how my life in the university was before I saw that one person – ever since my 100 level days when I just got admission into the university it has been hectic and quite lonely given that I knew no one in the school and everynight when my roommates usually go out and have fun I just take time to myself alone and just reflect and remember how things were back when I was in secondary school and all the dreams I had about being in the university, but then the usual knock on the door of my room by those who either came to look for my roommates or some of my course mates would bring me back to reality facing the fact that instead of the fun filled university life I dreamed of I was having a boring life in the university. Little did I know that for me the boring days where about over. I decided to switch course, the thought to change my course came into my mind shortly after we resumed for 200 level and then I switched over, and little did I know I was about to be touched by an angel… WELL SMILE CAUSE YOU ARE A DEER IN THE HEADLIGHT- Owl CityImage


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