I still remember the first day I saw her like it just happened yesterday…….

It was the last day of lectures for the course “Fundamentals Of Christian Belief” and I didn’t exactly feel like going for the class because it was by 6 pm in the evening and I was very tired from the stress of during the day… so lazily I walked into the auditorium with my head down,  I met one of my friend *Glory, and as usual she was at her usual behavior being a pest, I did all I could to ignore her but she kept on pestering me, so in an effort to get away from her I tried to walk away from it was then I saw her, as I lifted up my face I saw her just sitting down there, I don’t know what gave me the courage to walk up to her, but I think it was in other to run away from the person who was pestering me, so I walked up to her and I spoke and when she responded her voice was smooth and touching. I began thinking how is it that I haven’t notice her in all our previous classes and now at the end of the semester that we were about taking our exams that I saw her. I did my possible best I got her contact details which she did. And I found out that she always came early for classes and always left immediately after classes…..unfortunately for me I only saw her a few other times in classes and then our exams for 1st semester 200 level 2012/2013 kicked off and then I went home with only images of her in my head……TO BE CONTINUED

NOTE: * Names in this publication have been changed to avoid trouble from some certain people.. 😀


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