free pass to the carnival

A walk with my camera

The carnival: bright, colorful and fun!  It has been in town a month ago, but soon it will be gone.

We remember the good times; the peals of laughter and the rushing adrenaline, the bright lights and the tinny music playing on the loudspeakers.  This is a happy place……

….but only when the lights are on for this is all but a show.

When the stiles are empty and switches are off, it’s nothing more than a life that’s rough.

The carnival goes from place to place, and the tasks of setting up and tearing down are the only indication of the passing of days.

There is very little in terms of private space, but for everything else this is such a very huge place.

Personal possessions are scattered in every available nook and cranny….

…and laundry for all to see when the sky is sunny.

Even the hurricane dies…

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