The alien thingy


It all started when all the conspiracy theorist started saying that our planet had received a warning from another life form and the government was hiding it from us. No one seem to pay them any notice, but little did we know that this time they were right. The Aliens actually sent a message  for earth to surrender, but the government intercepted the message and kept it secret and they were busy with research on how to defeat the invasion, and keep it away from everyone. But it was too late for them and the time the aliens gave to them was up…..

……Their first wave of attack took everyone aback as it was unexpected, sure we had seen stuff like that in movies but this time it was all real. At first we thought the infected people were just messing around but when the biting and killing of both humans and animals it dawned on us who were still humans that there was definitely something going on.Image

The aliens actually as their first wave of attack used a chemical zombie virus, the fact was that they had sent down spies disguised as humans among us and the spies have been kidnapping humans and experimenting on them to discover our weakness. So they had developed the zombie virus and spread it into the atmosphere, those whom their immune systems were strong enough didn’t get infected and I was lucky enough to be part of them. But unfortunately for the aliens and fortunately for us the virus took another effect on our bodies, instead of turning us into mindless zombies our immune systems somehow turned around the effect of the zombifying and turned them into powers, we could move faster than normal, heal quicker, and jump super high. This gave us an edge over the aliens.  By this time we didn’t know about the aliens so we just kept on fighting the zombies and protecting our loved ones from getting hurt.

Then it happened on the 23rd December 2012, seeing their zombie virus plan had failed they carried out a full scale attack on us. For those of us in Africa we weren’t all that affected by the attack but we also got our fair share. The aliens would come and take humans experiment on them and if the zombie virus didn’t work they would turn them into cyborgs.

At this time those of us with powers couldn’t just sit back and relax and watch our friends and loved ones been taken. So we hatched a plan to defeat the ship that the aliens had stationed over Africa.

Little did we know that as we made our plans here, the other humans on other continents made theirs as well.

Then the morning of 24th December 2012 we attacked, “Pink and Red blood mixed” that day as we fought on, those who had powers used their powers and those who didn’t have powers used whatever weapon they could find. As for me I didn’t join the fight as I had made all the plans for the battle and I had something else off my sleeves. It would hit the aliens so had, and they wouldn’t see it coming. I had made a SONSER cannon (a combination of a Sonic and a Laser cannon) and it was so large that it didn’t almost contain my secret lab. The truth was I had successfully kidnapped one of the aliens and been studying it, and made a spectacular discovery, their weakness was sonic sound and laser beams aimed at them at the same time.

So while all the fighting was going on I aimed the laser at the ship and fired a shot at it, all the power went out as the machine sucked out all the power, but the machine did its work and hit the core of the alien ship and it blasted into pieces seeing this gave the human fighters courage and they were inspired to fight on. So I decided to test how far the aim of the machine could go and I shot another blast out into space to their mother ship, it hit them bad and they drifted into the sun and met their end. Without their mother ship functioning the smaller ships on earth were no longer able to function and we defeated the aliens.Image

It was then left for us to fight off the zombies, the destruction caused were enormous but wee quickly survived and used the technology of the aliens and rebuilt our cities. But the fallen humans and many stories still go untold. But mostly the government started trying to wipe the minds of humans, they succeeded a great deal and almost all human minds were wiped. But those of us lucky enough to escape lived to tell the stories.

while time went on we discovered as we lived on our powers just disappeared. i think after the mother ship crashed into the sun, the sun acted as a catalyst on  the chemicals used in making the zombies and released some sort of supernova which annulled the effects of both the zombifyng and the powers it had given us.

I know while I type this, that I am being watched by one of the aliens, I suspect he quickly disguised himself as a human while they were being killed. Now he is disguised as young man, often times he accepts he is actually older than all of us which confirms my doubt. And then at times he takes funny positions on some matters, once in a while jokingly mentioning his alien ship coming to beam him up. I suspect the government wiped his mind and put him among us to make sure we don’t remember what really happened, and I think it’s working cause many of my friends who actually fought by my side have actually forgotten what happened. Disguised as a yoruba boy his name is *John Ojo. I believe someday they will return to see the progress they made and by then I will be ready.

Or maybe this is just a figment of my imagination and my mind so much believes in this that its actually creating a memory in a portion in brain for it, but either ways let’s just hope for the best.

Note: 😀 *names or characters in this publication are not affiliated to any real person. If any exist it’s a matter of simple coincidence.Image



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