Jose Mourinho: World Cup warning after Wayne Rooney bid



Jose Mourinho has warned players that being “second choice” at their club could damage their prospects of playing at the World Cup next summer.

The Chelsea manager was speaking two days after Manchester United rejected a bid from the Blues for Wayne Rooney.

The England forward, 27, was angered by a suggestion he could be back-up to Robin van Persie at Old Trafford.

“For a player to be selected for his country, normally he must be first choice at his club,” Mourinho said.

Rooney’s Premier League goals

Wayne Rooney
2002-03: Six 2003-04: Nine 2004-05: 11
2005-06: 16 2006-07: 14 2007-08: 12
2008-09: 12 2009-10: 26 2010-11: 11
2011-12: 27 2012-13: 12 Total: 156

The Portuguese was talking at a news conference in Kuala Lumpur where Chelsea officials had told journalists he would not be answering questions about the failed Rooney bid.

But he was happy to discuss how he could motivate his…

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