soft patter

A walk with my camera

On Sunday mornings, I set my alarm to go off early in the morning… and then another one for backup… and yet another one… and still yet another one.  Somehow none of them work on cool rainy Sunday mornings.  Not one.  Nada.

So what to do on a rainy Sunday morning?  Hold the umbrella.

This place has become one of my go-to places.  I guess I am naturally drawn to water – the rain from above and the sea down below.  There is a sense of calm.

The pattering rain has to stop sometime….

…to take heed of this little dancer’s performance to an empty audience

…and to this couple’s emotionally charged rhythmic maneuvers.

It was time to go – for me and the carnival.  The champ already had his time.

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Change of Climate on the Right

Of Particular Significance

There is no room for politics when we are playing for keeps. So say four Republicans, who served four Republican presidents as heads of the Evironmental Protection Agency.  The climate is changing in Washington D.C., though still more slowly than in the Arctic.

My own view? Our uncontrolled experiments on our one and only planet must be curbed.  Scientific evidence from many quarters show definitively that the Earth is warming.  Science can give us arguments, strong but not airtight, that we may be responsible (mainly via carbon emissions, and the greenhouse effect of carbon dioxide).  It cannot tell us reliably how bad the risks of a warmer Earth will be; there are too many uncertainties.  But it seems to me that these are risks we shouldn’t be taking, period.  We don’t get to mail-order another planet if we mess this one up.

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A walk with my camera

One day short of a year ago, I was on my way home from the morning’s walk and happened upon a little girl standing on the street corner.  I saw her again today with her playmate, running on the sidewalk while carrying her trike.  I followed them around the corner, and she saw me and remembered that I took her photo before.

Kids.  They grow up really fast.

Teks is what they’re called.  Trump cards of sorts, played in many different ways.

This is M/V Jocelyn, a passenger/cargo boat that plies the route between Tacloban City and the town of Talalora, Samar which is 3 hours away.  The road to Talalora might be passable to vehicles soon because this vessel, just a little over one year old is in the market for a new owner.  Many boats servicing the coastal towns have ceased operations when the towns became accessible by…

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