When women talk about their “Mr perfect” you start to imagine things…..but have they ever sat down to think about what the guys think, do we have our “Miss Perfect”? Well the answer is, we do….we all have what we expect when we see that girl, or when you see the girl you just know this is the “Miss Perfect” you have been picturing in your mind. She will have the perfect Eyes, the Perfect smile, the perfect complexion, the perfect set of teeth, but going more than just physical appearance, she will have the perfect character, and also when you introduce her to people, they will compliment you on the GEM you have found…But o well someone once said “The creator made Girls for a pleasure to the eyes but a trouble to the mind” or something like that though


Relationships, Communication?

In every relationship that will occur or take place, for that relationship to be solid COMMUNICATION must take place regularly if not, it doesn’t matter the amount of love one person has for the other, that relationship will fail if not immediately but gradually. If, one person is the one always trying to reach out to the other, the person will get tired of trying eventually and give up….so all I have to say is COMMUNICATE no matter what nd don’t quit fighting for the other until you have nothing left to fight for….